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There's so many ways to get your Elizabeth fix!

  • History Revisited Facebook Page

    This is where I am found on most days.  In this space, I am able to bring you the exciting news of my most current activity! With pictures!

  • Bag of Bones Podcast

    If you haven't tapped into this, you just don't know what you're missing!  New episodes are released every week and tell the stories of the dark & creepy of our American history!

  • Trails of History

    This is my newest offering to the podcast medium.  It's a deep look into specific topics.  Follow this weekly offering as we dig deep and follow the trails of those who lived and walked them before us.

  • The Journey's Journal

    Take a peek behind the scenes as I share all the things I'm experiencing on this new adventure in a journal format.  It's raw and it's real... it's all Elizabeth.

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